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We do website SEO as well as SEO for market places such as eBay, Amazon, Walmart. Our aim is for your site or products to rank higher is search engines and increase your ROI for your products and services. Our Vancouver SEO specialists, and Vancouver Internet marketing team is here to help you succeed. 

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Our Services

We offer a wide range of services related to SEO. you can rank your website with our Vancouver internet marketing team, and vancouver SEO specialists.

Search Engine Optimization

We do Onsite and off site SEO optimizations.

Content Optimization

Our content strategists, writers and editors help produce quality content for your site that help you boost your ranking.

On Page Optimization

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SEO Consulting

We can provide SEO consulting to your team of developers, so they can build a quality in-house product for your business.

Data Analysis

Our Vancouver internet marketing team analyse your site, google data, and other sources and come up with best practices to improve your ranking on google.

SEO Strategy

Our Vancouver SEO team plan strategies that will help boost your ranking in short term and improve your online presence in long term.

Why Online Marketing

Simply because offline marketing is too expensive and generally it has a low conversion rate.

  • Control demographic
  • Control budget
  • Control time of advertisements
  • Get more accurate feedlback
  • more


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It's All About Keywords.

Your initial ranking on any site whether it’s your website or an eCommerce site such as eBay, Amazon, Walmart relies on using user targetted keywords. And then on relationship making and customer satisfaction and ratings.

Our team help you identify right keywords for your site and products, so you can focus on what your business is good at, providing customer service and quality products.


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Let’s Do Something Better Together!

We would like to help you. send us your site URL, the industry you want to focus on and your current conversion rate.  We can provide you an estimate on how long it will take for your site and/or product to rank higher.


Local Clients


Majority of our clients reside out of Vancouver.

Answers to Your Questions

What is a typical budget for online advertising?

It varies by industry and your goal. Typically a low budget PPC campaign will get produce the result our customers have in mind. you will need to reach a minimum threshold before you see any result and ROI.

How much does Webly Speaking Charges for SEO services?

It depends on your site, the market, number of keywords to be optimized. We provide a clear proposal with a breakdown of the cost to you. And we recommend you a custom plan based on your budget.

Why SEO services have monthly fees?

SEO services are different from the website. Think of them as street banners. a successful SEO campaign need to adapt to the monthly changes in the market, as well as your customer behaviour.

What are market place SEO?

We analyze customer behaviours and use keywords that would generate traffic to your listings on Amazon, eBay, and other marketplaces. Generally, 90% of the sale of a single product goes to the top seller for that product on that specific platform. Investing in improving your ranking on eBay and Amazon is rewarduing.


I dont speak english? Can SEO optimize my site.

Yes!  Our team is multi lingual. We have in-house people speaking and writing fluently in English, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional (Taiwan), Persian (Farsi) and we have on-call translators for many other languages such as Spanish, Frrench and German.

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